Spring Cleaning for Garage Flooring: How to Keep Your Floor in Shape

By Collins-Concrete | March 12, 2021

Spring is nearly here, which means now is the best possible time to give your garage flooring some extra attention. While spring cleaning for commercial garages typically means organizing your inventory and re-stocking supplies, it’s just as important to make sure your commercial flooring is in good shape. Cracks and divets can spell out disaster

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Why Should My Business Invest in Floor Coatings?

By Collins-Concrete | January 25, 2021

Flooring is one of the most affordable solutions for business owners looking for ways to improve the appearance and safety of their premises.

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How Does SUPERCAP Save Money on Industrial Flooring?

By Collins-Concrete | December 22, 2020

Construction projects are time-sensitive and it’s important to keep your process as streamlined as possible to avoid expensive hiccups. However, a common problem that many supervisors deal with is conflict between the Division 3 and Division 9 construction specifications. Your Division 3 team needs to install the flooring before your Division 9 team can get

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Winter Warehouse Wonderland: 4 Ways Your Floors Can Mitigate Hazards

By Collins-Concrete | November 18, 2020

Concrete floor coatings aren’t just for the protection of your floors and your warehouse. They’re also for the protection of your employees, customers, business partners, and you.

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SUPERCAP: What Are the Benefits of This Self-Leveling Concrete System?

By Collins-Concrete | October 15, 2020

Self-leveling concrete offers a way for you to be sure your flooring not only meets the specifications for Division 3 but also Division 9.

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Collins Concrete Coatings Is Creating Perfect Floors With the LATICRETE SUPERCAP Self Leveling Underlayment System

By Collins-Concrete | August 20, 2020

It’s easy for many people to take the floor beneath their feet for granted.  But builders and flooring installers know that there’s some serious science (and art) behind a lasting, high-quality floor.  It starts with the concrete slab – first of all, it needs to be strong, flat, and smooth.  The floor also needs to

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How to Reduce Your Seasonal Allergies With Polished Concrete Floors

By Collins-Concrete | June 19, 2020

As you might have guessed from all of that tree debris or your incessant sneezing, allergy season is upon us. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, roughly 20 million adults and 6.1 million kids experience rhinitis (or nasal allergies) each year. For many of us, that means spending a good portion of

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