floor coating

When you’re finishing your basement, you want to be sure you choose the right flooring system. Depending on what you plan to use your basement for, whether it’s for a home office or a workstation, you want a resinous floor installation that’s easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. That said, if you’re in the process of installing your basement floor, here are a few key factors to consider to make sure your basement floor stays protected.

Moisture Mitigation to Keep Water Out

A home’s basement is prone to collecting moisture, which can be a problem whether you’re trying to finish your basement or simply finish the floors. Moisture can lead to mildew and mold growth, water damage, and even foundation problems. That said, before you begin thinking about what kind of basement flooring you want, make sure that you have your basement waterproofed.

Once your basement is waterproofed, you want to be sure to mitigate any potential moisture in your basement’s flooring is mitigated. High moisture content is one of the leading causes of flooring failures and problems. The good news is that Collins Concrete Coatings conducts RH tests to measure the relative humidity in each concrete slab to ensure your concrete is in the ideal condition. Collins Concrete Coatings also follows all proper installation methods to make sure that moisture stays out. If you’re worried about the humidity of your basement, we can also provide a moisture barrier for your floor.

Self-Leveling Concrete to Level Your Floor

When you think of protecting your basement floor, your first thought might not be to make sure that the floor is level. However, it’s important to level your basement floor before applying a residential floor coating. The reason for this is because, when your floors aren’t level, it’s more likely for buckling or bending to occur depending on the type of flooring you choose once you apply the finishing touches to your floor.

Another reason why level flooring is so important is functionality. Furniture may not sit correctly on uneven flooring, and trying to install a basement wet bar or fireplace can quickly become a nightmare. Fortunately, a self-leveling concrete floor coating can make sure that your basement flooring is completely level before you go about applying a protective layer.

Collins Concrete Coating specifically uses the LATICRETE SUPERCAP System as a cost-effective and time-saving method to finish your basement’s concrete floors. Compared to other methods of concrete pouring, this self-leveling technology can cut weeks out of your project schedule so you can finish your basement in record time.

Surface Preparation

Whether you’ve finished installing your self-leveling concrete system or your basement floor is already level, it’s important to get the surface of your floor prepared for a successful resinous floor installation. It’s recommended to contact a professional and experienced floor coating service who knows what they’re doing when you need to have your basement floor’s surface prepared.

The reason for this is because the age and condition of your concrete floor and the type of flooring system being installed all determine what kind of surface preparation you need. A floor coating is only as good as its adhesion to concrete. Collins Concrete Coatings has years of experience in a variety of surface preparation techniques so you can rest assured knowing your floor coating is going to look its best when it’s installed.

Collins Concrete Coatings also offers a wide range of resinous floor coatings to match your style and the type of basement design you’re going for. We provide solid colors, metallics, and quartz. Of course, it can sometimes be intimidating to choose the right color or style for your basement floor so feel free to ask our contractors for a professional opinion.

Protect Your Floor With Collins Concrete Coatings

Collins Concrete Coatings offers concrete coating systems for residential basements, storage rooms, and garages. If your floor is unfinished and you’re interested in concrete flooring, we can apply our self-leveling concrete system before following it up with a protective and/or decorative concrete coating system that will leave your basement floor protected and looking great.

When you choose Collins Concrete Coatings, you can feel confident knowing your basement floor is in the right hands. To learn more about our residential flooring services, contact Collins Concrete Coatings today.