Healthcare facilities are demanding environments. The around-the-clock nature of these spaces require full access and uptime for the people they serve.

Healthcare facilities managers and administrators have high healthcare flooring requirements. They won’t stand for inferior product or out-of-service areas on their hospital floor or surgical room floors. They seek top quality, healthcare flooring solutions—system approaches for their facilities that are long-lasting and easy to clean.

Collins Concrete Coatings offers several system-warranted healthcare flooring solutions designed to enhance the quality and durability of the various rooms found within these environments. These proven floor coating systems are safe, easy to install, and provide peace-of-mind uptime with the technical expertise to back them up.

Common healthcare flooring solutions for hospital floors include:

  • Hallways
  • Operating rooms and surgical room flooring
  • Offices
  • Bathrooms
  • Labs
  • Storage areas
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Hospital entries and walkways
  • Medical office flooring
  • Dental operatory flooring

These high performance, specialized healthcare flooring solutions give facility managers:

  • Fast cure and return to service
  • Exceptional thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Exceptional impact and abrasion resistance
  • Very low VOC and low odor at installation
  • Customizable colors and textures
  • Easy maintenance and long-lasting flooring
  • Coatings equipped with silver ion antimicrobial technology such as Clinical Plus*

Clinical Plus*

SPARTACOTETM FLEX PURE CLINICAL PLUS is a low VOC, low odor, fast-curing two-part polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea equipped with anti-microbial technology* which remains active for the lifetime of the floor coating, even when damaged or worn. Designed as a coating for use in hospitals, veterinary clinics, and pharmaceutical facilities, it can be used either as a clear sealer or a topcoat in seamless multi-build systems including SPARTACOTE Guard, SPARTACOTE Chip SPARTACOTE Quartz and SPARTACOTE Metallic systems.

SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE CLINICAL PLUS is UV stable and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It is available in either clear or pigment base units which can be tinted with SPARTACOTE Polyaspartic pigments.

*Antimicrobial technology protects the treated article against mold and mildew deterioration. Antimicrobial technology is not designed to replace normal cleaning practices or protect users.