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Residential Floor Coating Contractor

Collins Concrete Coatings offers a full line of industrial-grade floor concrete coating systems for residential uses. Our coating systems are designed to transform your garage, basement, pool decks, patios and porches into a comfortable and clean living space, offering you and your family years of enjoyment while increasing the value of your home. We turn the mundane into something beautiful.

Polyaspartic coating is far superior to the conventional epoxy-floor coatings, our products (Spartacote floor coating systems) utilize a patented dual technology which is comprised of the absolute best grade of resins to ensure that your floors will continue bring you and your family joy for many years to come. So if you’re looking to simply repair a damaged concrete sidewalk or really change the appearance of your home, we at Collins Concrete Coatings are here to help. Please contact us and let us know your needs so that we may offer you our best recommendations. Our products are environmentally friendly, omitting a minimal amount of odor during our one-day installation process.*

Collins Concrete Coatings is proud to provide the very best in floor coatings at very competitive prices. If you are in the market looking for professionals to install a concrete coating system that is economical, durable and requires very little maintenance then we at Collins Concrete Coatings are your only choice.

*Note – The majority of our residential installations are completed in one day. Depending on the scope of the project it may take longer, please call us for a free consultation.

Polyaspartic Concrete Floor Coatings Benefits

  • Rapid Installation With Next-Day Return To Service

  • Low Maintenance

  • Incredible Durability

  • Environmentally – Friendly

  • Superior Adhesion To Concrete Floors

  • Minimal Odor

Collins Concrete Coatings Philosophy

The mission of Collins Concrete Coatings is to satisfy each client’s Northern Virginia residential floor coating contractor needs with the finest products and craftsmanship available on the marketplace today. In a restaurant, car dealership, home garage, or wherever our services are required, we ensure the best results by performing the most detailed substrate preparation and applying the most innovative polyaspartic products.

Each project receives the perfect finishing touches. Collins Concrete Coatings promises:

  • Technical expertise
  • Doing things the right way
  • Protecting the customer’s investment
  • Offering added protection through warranties

Any home, or commercial or industrial building, will receive the finest service and products from Collins Concrete Coatings. Never settle for less than the best tradesmen in Northern Virginia!

Collins Concrete Coatings commitment is to provide each and every client an exceptional customer experience. Our dedication to superior craftsmanship and customer service is shared by everyone in our company. We want to provide our clients complete satisfaction.

Spartacote Products

The Collins Difference

♦ Knowledgeable, professional and skilled installers

♦ Select Spartacote polyaspartic coatings can be applied from -30 to 150 degrees

♦ Spartacote advantages include 100% VOC and odor free, environmentally friendly and LEED Certified

♦ Grinding process is virtually dust-free

♦ Fast cure rate with accessibility within 24 hours of installation

♦ 3 Year Warranty on labor and materials