Are you an avid tennis or pickleball player who can’t get enough court time? Do you have a budding athlete who needs an easily accessible practice space? Do you have an aging sports court that needs an upgrade? It may be time for a resurfacing. Collins Concrete Coatings provides high-performance sports court surfaces for residential and commercial clients with the quality, efficiency and durability of Har-Tru surfaces. Har-Tru is a favorite with contractors, clubs and homeowners thanks to its long-lasting, consistent, safe and comfortable surfaces.

Resurfacing A Sports Court
Collins Concrete Coatings recently repaired a sports court in Round Hill, VA. Buck Collins says, “This court was in complete disrepair. We repaired cracks that were 6” wide and 7” in depth.”



Tennis Court Resurfacing: Everything You Need To Know

Har-Tru’s acrylic coatings offer a smooth and consistent surface for concrete and asphalt courts. When we resurface, we focus on several factors:

  • Safety: Our residential and commercial clients want a safe and fun place to play in various weather conditions. Har-Tru courts offer just the right amount of grip to prevent slips when it’s damp or dewy. A consistent surface can also help prevent injury by removing pits and cracks.
  • Consistency: Our acrylic coatings offer unparalleled consistency and a dependable ball bounce for all levels of play.
  • Durability: High-quality acrylic coatings extend the life of your courts, offering resistance to weather and wear and tear.
  • Appearance: A Har-Tru acrylic surface with vibrant colors looks terrific and can boost property values.
  • Customization: Acrylic court coatings offer the most flexibility in setting the pace of play. With our application of Har-Tru, you can customize the speed of play and ball bounce based on your skill level. The International Tennis Federation rates Har-Tru coatings, and clients can choose their speed from Medium-Slow, Medium, and Medium-Fast.

What Is Har-Tru?

Did you know some of the world’s best sports court surfaces are made right here in Virginia? Har-Tru is a leading acrylic sports coating developed by leading chemists and application experts. Many experts consider it the best tennis court surface, and it’s a favorite with leading resorts, universities and top tournaments worldwide. Har-Tru’s all-weather coatings are layered over concrete and asphalt courts, offering consistency, durability and gorgeous colors for tennis, pickleball and multi-sports (including basketball). Har-Tru offers a range of vibrant colors made from top-quality pigments to match your style. UV and weather-resistant colors include classic green, blue, purple, tan and gray. You can even check out a variety of color combinations on the Har-Tru website before you decide.

Do Different Sports Require Different Surfaces?

Some clients, including clubs and universities, need sports-specific surfaces, while residential clients often want a multipurpose court surface that can be used for everything from pickleball to basketball. Since a regulation basketball court requires a longer length, clients often choose a half-basketball court on a full size tennis court. This configuration leaves plenty of room for pickleball since you can get four pickleball courts on a standard tennis court.
Can I DIY A Home Sports Court Resurfacing?
If you’re an avid tennis or pickleball player, you know how important it is to get the surface and lines right. An even surface and accurate lines enhance the level of play, even on a residential court. Your residential sports court is a significant asset, and resurfacing is an investment. So it makes sense to work with a professional team. A professional resurfacing includes:

  • Preparing your existing court
  • Clearing dirt, debris and plant growth followed by a power wash
  • Patching any cracks
  • Sanding to remove rough or uneven spots
  • Multiple coats of the acrylic surface
  • Professional court lines with a line-marking machine followed by a UV-resistant topcoat

What Are The Advantages Of A Har-Tru Resurfacing?

Is it time to upgrade your bounce? At Collins Concrete Coatings, when we resurface a concrete or asphalt court with Har-Tru, our goal is to make it more playable and enjoyable by:

  • Boosting traction, safety and ball bounce.
  • Extending the lifespan of your court by protecting it from the elements.
  • Ensuring your courts meet regulations for lines and surfaces.

A home court can also offer significant quality of life benefits. Residential clients often want to spend more family time with a focus on outdoor activities. For avid players, a professional-grade home court offers the convenience of never needing to book a court. Finally, an attractive, high-quality court surface can add value to your property. Collins Concrete Coatings resurfaces existing concrete and asphalt courts around the region with Har-Tru. We also work with top contractors to provide the essential final touch to your new installation. Why wait? Get out there and enjoy!