polyaspartic floor coatings for commercial shopsShop floors need to be tough. We’re not talking run-of-the-mill, regular wear-and-tear tough but hard-core, industrial strength tough. Shop floors serve businesses and individuals in busy, productive and sometimes messy environments. If you need the right coating to protect your concrete floor from chemicals, heavy equipment and foot traffic, Collins Concrete Coatings has you covered.

What Is A Shop Floor?

A shop floor is where production happens in a manufacturing facility. It’s where products are made, fixed, and processed. We also see more consumers building shop floors in their homes for automotive, woodworking, and other heavy-duty projects. Shop floors can be dirty and sometimes dangerous, so we want a coating that helps create a clean and safe environment.

Who Needs A Shop Floor?

We install shop floors in industrial and other businesses and high-end home workshops. Industrial coatings offer protection for production and manufacturing floors, automotive garages, loading docks, mechanical rooms, warehouse areas, and commercial kitchens. We also install industrial-quality shop floors in specialized home workshops and garages.

What Qualities Do Shop Floors Need?

Durability is a priority for manufacturers and other businesses when it comes to concrete flooring.
“Shop floors get punished, and they have to be able to withstand whatever comes their way,” says Buck Collins, owner of Collins Concrete Coatings.
Because of the potential for liquid on the floor, shop floors also need a non-slip, high-friction coating to keep facilities safe. We also look for chemical resistance in industrial facilities, from automotive to manufacturing. This keeps the coating from degrading from exposure to products like brake fluid or battery acid and extends the life of your floor. A high-quality floor also features a high coefficient of friction to prevent slips and falls when spills occur and ensure employees’ safety. In an environment where tools and heavy equipment are part of the job, floor coatings should resist blunt force impact and prevent chipping. Finally, shop floors should be easy to clean since they often require cleaning multiple times daily.

How Is A Shop Floor Coating Different From A Private Garage?

“We can engineer a floor for any application,” Buck Collins says. However, the requirements for an industrial shop floor are different from those of a private garage. We often use painted vinyl chips and polyaspartic resins for the perfect combination of looks and durability for residential garages. Shop floors need more durability and impact resistance. Let’s look at which materials are best for industrial applications.

Best Materials For Shop Floor CoatingWhat Are The Best Materials For Shop Floor Coating?

When we select concrete coatings for shop floors, we prioritize durability, non-slip performance and resistance to chipping. One excellent option is urethane cement. “It’s absolutely bulletproof,” Buck Collins says. Urethane cement is ideal when heavy machinery and extreme temperature variations are involved. It’s extra resistant to harsh chemicals and abrasive machinery.
Tough-as-nails blended quartz resins are another ideal option, especially when aesthetics are a significant consideration. Our quartz-based decorative coatings offer performance, durability and decorative appeal. With ten attractive quartz blends, there’s a look for every business.

What Colors and Finishes Are Available For My Shop Floor?

You don’t have to sacrifice selection for durability. Both urethane cement and quartz blend coatings come in various customizable colors and textures. We offer ten decorative quartz colors, from slate to sandstone to brick and beyond. Our urethane cement options include multiple pigment shades, including gray, black, tan, red, black and green.

Are Shop Floor Coatings More Expensive Than Other Spaces?

Many customers are pleasantly surprised by the cost of high-quality coatings for shop floors and industrial spaces. For larger spaces, there are economies of scale, so the costs per area covered come down as the surface area grows. Our coatings are also fast-curing and low-odor at installation, so you can get back to business quickly.

How Can Collins Concrete Coatings Protect My Shop Floor?

At Collins Concrete Coatings, we understand the unique needs of industrial spaces, including shop floors. Safety and durability are at the top of the list, and appearance and ease of maintenance are also high priorities. Our concrete coatings, specially designed for shop floors, offer a fast return to service, minimal downtime and an emphasis on safety. With Collins Concrete Coatings top-of-the-line urethane cement and quartz blend coatings, you’ll get the performance, durability and decorative appeal you need.