Construction projects are time-sensitive and it’s important to keep your process as streamlined as possible to avoid expensive hiccups. However, a common problem that many supervisors deal with is conflict between the Division 3 and Division 9 construction specifications.

Your Division 3 team needs to install the flooring before your Division 9 team can get in there and put the finishing touches on the floors, ceilings, and walls. Unfortunately, it isn’t always apparent that the industrial flooring doesn’t meet certain specifications for the floor goods to be installed until Division 9 comes in. At this point, you’re looking at lost productivity, lost money, and lost time.

The good news is that there’s a floor coating service that can help to keep issues like this from happening so you can focus on staying on-time and under budget. Here are a few key ways the Collins Concrete Coating’s SUPERCAP Self Leveling Concrete System can help you save money on your next industrial flooring installation.

Avoid issues with Division 3 and 9

The best way to avoid lost productivity due to flooring mistakes is by being proactive when Division 3 is installing the floors. It can be difficult to determine when the flooring isn’t completely level to specifications until it’s already finished, which is where the SUPERCAP System comes in. The SUPERCAP System is an ideal method for finishing new concrete. It can also be really handy for capping existing slabs.

The SUPERCAP System corrects floor flatness issues by combining self-leveling technology that’s low-alkali, LEED-contributing, and GREENGUARD-certified with a mobile blending truck that’s computer-controlled. When your team uses the SUPERCAP System’s self-leveling concrete, you can save on costs and time because the system cuts weeks out of your construction schedule.

Don’t wait around for drying floors

One of the biggest issues with flooring installation is waiting for the flooring to try so you can continue with the rest of your project. Unlike other floor coating technology, the SUPERCAP System from Collins Concrete Coating is not only self-leveling but is also fast drying so you don’t need to hold your horses. With the SUPERCAP System, your floors will be walkable within just two hours. What’s more, your teams can get back on the floor and begin putting the finishing touches on the floors, walls, ceilings, and paint within just 24 hours.

Additionally, the SUPERCAP system can also save you time on installation. With self-leveling SUPERCAP, you can pour 30,000 pounds of concrete per hour, which is the equivalent of 600 small bags per hour. Because SUPERCAP is mixed in a truck and only a hose is placed in the building, too, there’s no clean-up necessary. That means you don’t need to worry about palettes, forklifts, bags, or dust.

Keep workers safe

You do your best to keep your workers safe while installing floors, but accidents happen even when you’re extremely careful. Medical costs and compensation associated with slip and fall accidents add up to approximately $70 billion every year. The good news is that the SUPERCAP System helps make keeping your workers safe and secure that much easier.

Because only a hose needs to enter the building and a computer-controlled mobile blending truck mixes the SUPERCAP, there’s no need for floor installers to tie up freight lifts or carry hundreds of bags. You don’t even need to worry about anyone breathing in dangerous silica dust.

Be in two places at once

When you’re installing flooring the traditional way, it can be a lengthy process that involves a lot of lost productivity, especially when the flooring doesn’t level the way you need it to. With the SUPERCAP System, you can not only walk on your self-leveling floors within two hours of installation but you can also install floors in multiple places at the same time.

With the SUPERCAP System, you can pour two contiguous half-floors simultaneously. That means you can have your teams working on half of the floor for a longer period of time. This increases your project’s productivity, efficiency, and saves you a ton of money.

Ready to get started with the SUPERCAP System?

The SUPERCAP System gives you the ability to cap existing slabs and finish new concrete quickly to your project’s specifications. Don’t worry about mix-ups between Division 3 and Division 9 ever again. For more information on how the SUPERCAP System can make your floor installation that much easier, safer, and more efficient, contact Collins Concrete Coating today.