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It’s easy for many people to take the floor beneath their feet for granted.  But builders and flooring installers know that there’s some serious science (and art) behind a lasting, high-quality floor.  It starts with the concrete slab – first of all, it needs to be strong, flat, and smooth.  The floor also needs to be dry and “friendly” to floor covering adhesives.  New concrete slabs can crack, curl, and deflect after the slab is poured, and fail to meet industry standards for floor flatness.

Whether you’re renovating an existing concrete floor or building a new one, Collins Concrete Coatings can help you create a super flat, dry, and durable surface that will be ready fast for high quality floor goods like tile, LVT, VCT, sheet goods, carpet, and wood.

Over the last few decades, professional installers have been increasingly relying on self leveling underlayments (SLUs) to resurface concrete and prepare a flat and smooth surface that’s ready for floor goods.  The SLUs available today range from “gypcrete”, which is cheap but dries slowly and may be susceptible to moisture damage – up to cementitious SLUs based on Portland cement and/or calcium aluminate cement, which can be walked on in hours and are ready for floor goods installation as soon as the same day.

Most SLUs are packaged in 50 pound bags stacked on pallets, and are mixed and poured on site by the flooring contractor.  This can be a slow and dusty process that requires a lot of physical lifting for larger projects.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem. The LATICRETE SUPERCAP system provides major savings in terms of both time and costs.  By utilizing this proven technology — which involves a computer-driven mobile blending truck specifically designed to mix and pump LATICRETE’s range of low-alkali, LEED-contributing SLUs and toppings — you’ll be able to stay on schedule with your construction and achieve a superior result.

Collins Concrete Coatings can provide “wet out of the hose” delivery to your installation crew on-site, or full service installation.

Normally, the process of fixing uneven concrete slabs can be incredibly time-consuming. This can delay construction and rack up costs quickly. But our OSHA-compliant system speeds up operations while improving overall quality, taking only hours to complete.

This method is fast – a typical ½” thick application can be applied at over 6000 square feet per hour of pumping. You can walk on finished floors within a couple of hours and you’ll wait no more than a day to get back to work on the newly leveled floor.  In addition, there’s no dust from breaking open 50 pound bags, as no mixing is done within the building. And if you’re looking for a way to achieve LEED Certification, the products can contribute to LEED credits.  Keep in mind that the LATICRETE SUPERCAP system is also UL Greenguard Gold Certified.  

By using our LATICRETE SUPERCAP system from the start when installing new floors, you’ll extend their longevity without jeopardizing your team’s ability to complete the project on time. And if you’re responsible for capping existing slabs, our system can make it much easier to achieve the high-quality results both you and your clients expect to see.

Whether you’re faced with the issue of rough floors that need refinishing or you’re installing a new concrete slab that will receive floor covering, you’ll want your process to be as efficient as possible. And with help from our LATICRETE SUPERCAP pumping systems, you can present the finest results — and do so without delay — as part of your completed construction project. You’ll be able to complete jobs on time while keeping your crew safe, earning environmental accolades, and making sure your floor goods installation will be problem-free.

For more information on our LATICRETE SUPERCAP system, please contact Collins Concrete Coatings today.