SPARTACOTE® is a U.S. based manufacturer of high performance polyaspartic and epoxy concrete coating systems and is owned by LATICRETE International, Inc. The company services commercial and industrial concrete coatings contractors, governments and developers throughout the world. SPARTACOTE® subject matter experts work closely with facility managers and architects to specify highly durable and sustainable coating solutions for a range of applications, offering expert consultation from design through completion. Several years of close coordination between our formulators and field applicators has brought about some of the most dynamic and customizable concrete coatings available. These efforts continue today and ensure that every product installed has been proven time and time again in real-life applications.

Protective Concrete Coatings

  • SPARTACOTE® protective concrete coatings show superior levels of durability, flexibility, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and chemical resistance. All achieved by our high level of knowledge of coating chemistry and the ability to focus on customers needs. Our moisture cure coating chemistry enables us to formulate products that are not only applicable regardless of the climate but also designed to dramatically reduce application times and costs. They outperform traditional epoxy and urethane coating technology and are easy to install. In addition to concrete floor coatings, SPARTACOTE® coatings also fit the following markets: Architectural Steel – Marine and Offshore – Bridge and Highway – Petrochemical Industry – Rail – Industrial Flooring – General Industry – Yachts – OEM – Ground and Waterworks – ACE – Engineering Plastics.

Provide Cost Savings to Coatings Contractors and Floor Owners

  • Walk on in 2 hours, return to full service in just 1-Day. Incur lower application costs and maximize efficiencies with faster cure time and reduced downtime. SPARTACOTE® impermeable surfaces and those equipped with antimicrobial technology makes floors easier to maintain and to keep clean.

Green Friendly

  • LEED eligible ultra-low emitting concrete coating products for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor uses. Superior strength and durability means that coatings will need to be replaced less often while dramatically enhancing the lifespan of any structure.

Enhance Your Building’s Image

  • 100% UV clear topcoats and UV stable pigmented coatings & stains provide for a rich and long lasting finish that will not fade, amber or peel.

Superior Adhesion to Concrete & Steel

  • SPARTACOTE® patented technology was designed to effectively absorb into the concrete or steel substrate in order to bond both mechanically and chemically within the pores of the material. A fundamental component differentiating SPARTACOTE® from other products, this technology allows for maximum adhesion surface area and is the cornerstone of our superior performance.

Chemical Resistance

  • Resistant to a wide range of commercial and industrial chemicals. Full resistance to Skydrol and other highly corrosive fluids.

All Climate Application

  • SPARTACOTE® Flex polyaspartic concrete coatings may be applied at temperature well below 0 degrees centigrade, well below that of standard epoxies and urethanes.


  • SPARTACOTE® coatings and sealers can be used in higher traffic areas where traction is key. This is achieved in conjunction with a quartz or silica additive within the coating process. Traction coefficients can be adjusted to meet the anti-slip requirements of any project.