garage floor sealing companies northern virginiaGetting your garage sealed is one of the best home improvement investments you can make. Whether you are moving in the Northern VA area or staying put for years, upgrading your garage can create an instant ROI. If you regularly work in a garage, you know how frustrating spills and damaged concrete can be. That’s why concrete floor coating is an excellent step toward having the garage of your dreams.

When choosing your floor coating, there are three categories to choose from. Paint, epoxy, and polyaspartic coatings each offer unique benefits and downsides, but one is a cut above the rest. These are the top reasons to ask the garage floor sealing companies Northern Virginia trusts about polyaspartic coating for your garage.

    • Coat at Almost Any Temperature
      One of the issues with epoxy is that you need to apply it while the temperatures are warm. This could be frustrating when trying to coat your floor in late fall to get the garage ready for winter. With polyaspartic coating, you can coat whenever you want.


    • Easy Bonding
      Unlike paint, and to some extent epoxy, polyaspartic adheres to concrete and many different surfaces with absolute ease. Paint is especially prone to chipping and flaking, which leaves your efforts fruitless over time.


    • Fast Cure Time
      Some polyaspartic blends cure in as little as 30 minutes and the installation process as a whole can take about one day. This compares favorably to epoxy, which can take up to a week to fully cure. No one wants to be out of their garage for that long!


  • Stain And UV Resistance
    You may or may not be one for vanity about your garage floors cleanliness, but polyaspartic coating does provide better stain resistance than other options. The more important thing to note is polyaspartic coating has incredible UV resistance. This is important for those summer days when you work with the garage door open to get some sun. The sunlight will discolor and degrade some epoxies and paints, but not a polyaspartic sealant.

When selecting the best garage floor sealing companies northern Virginia has to offer, ask about non-slip polyaspartics for extra grip while working on potentially slippery jobs. Call today to schedule an installation with the number one residential floor coating contractor northern VA can count on.