Why does the garage always become a catch-all for our precious (and not-so-precious) stuff? Tools? Check! Sports equipment? Check! Car? Not so much. In most cases, there’s a healthy dose of plain old junk in the mix. Your garage has a unique role in your home. It’s part of your house but not exactly a living space, which can create an “out of sight, out of mind” vibe. But when we need something and can’t find it–or when we have to dig through mountains of junk to find a tool or bike helmet– it’s time to tackle the problem. But what’s the best way to efficiently organize your garage?  

What Should I Consider When Organizing My Garage?

Promo 7 Yellow Edited 2 1Your garage is the most convenient place to store stuff you need regularly. It’s attached to your home on the main level, so it’s an easier option than a basement or shed. That said, we don’t need to store everything in the garage. When you organize your garage, you want to simplify and declutter while making accessing necessary items easier. There are a few questions to consider as you plan the process.

  • What’s your vision for your garage? How do you want to use the space? Do you park your vehicle there or use it primarily for storage? Do you use your garage as a workspace? Is easy access to bikes and sports equipment a priority for your active family?
  • Do you plan to do a lot of pitching with dump runs and donations? Purging is excellent, but you want to avoid going too far and getting rid of items you’ll need down the road.
  • Can you rent a storage unit for the overflow? Consider moving items you love but don’t use regularly off-site to save space for essentials. 
  • Have you considered an organizational system to help you conveniently store equipment? Getting stuff off the floor and using vertical spaces is the best way to declutter and organize your garage.
  • How can you transform your garage into an inviting living space, an extension of your home where you enjoy the time you spend there?

What Are The Advantages of An Organizational System for Your Garage?

slatwalls5A professionally designed organizational system helps you get stuff off the floor and avoid the piles and stacks that are the bane of our existence. It makes it convenient to locate and access your tools, bikes, sports gear and outdoor equipment. And yes, it can help make room for your car if that’s a goal. 

At Collins Concrete Coatings, we’re proud suppliers of Proslat garage organizing systems. This maximizes the use of vertical space in your garage with slatted wall systems, lifts and brilliantly designed cabinets. 

  • Proslat’s Slatwall system is a 21st-century twist on the old-school pegboard hanging concept. Slatwall uses PVC slats in stylish colors that complement your home and hooks to hang tools, sports equipment and more. Slatwall is impact-resistant, easy to clean and made of 90 percent recycled material. Slatwall can handle even your bulkiest equipment: heavy-duty lines feature aluminum cores and can hold up to 200 pounds per square foot to hang just about anything.
  • Proslat’s industry-leading cabinets will transform your garage. They’re made of top-quality material and are designed to complement the Slatwall system. They offer roomy storage spaces, durable work surfaces and aesthetic design elements that create a clean, organized look and feel and put you in control of your workspace.
  • Proslat’s Garage Gator motorized hoists are ideal for storing larger equipment like bikes, kayaks and other bulky equipment. Hang them, lift them and bring them down when needed without taking up floor space.
  • Another of our very favorite Proslat features is the way it makes your garage an extension of your home. One of the reasons we all love our garage spaces so much is that they’re right there attached to the house. That garage space becomes even more enjoyable when it’s well-organized and attractive.

How Can My Flooring Contractor Help With Storage Solutions?

Taking the plunge and organizing your garage can seem daunting. But with the right partner, it’s easy to dig in and get it done, transforming your garage into a living space you can be proud of. At Collins Concrete Coatings, our expertise goes beyond beautiful concrete floors. Owners Buck and Dana Collins are the parents of four grown kids and have decades of experience managing equipment from just about every sport and activity imaginable, along with tools and multiple family vehicles. The Proslat system is hands down the best organizing tool we’ve seen. Proslat goes way beyond basic storage, making your garage an inviting extension of your home. Once you can actually see your garage floor, many clients realize it’s a perfect opportunity to consider a brand-new protective and beautiful coating. Let’s discuss making your garage more attractive and functional with state-of-the-art storage and flooring solutions.