Whether you’re at home, working, or outside, you can’t avoid walking on the floor. Unfortunately, an unprotected floor can damage people, property, and businesses. That’s why a slip-resistant floor is important. Investing in a floor coating can save you money in ways you can only imagine. With a professional coating on your wooden floors at home, your cement floors in your garage, or your commercial floors, the benefits will certainly outweigh any initial upfront cost. Read on to see why you should consider a professional floor coating today.

1. Reduce Work Accidents

One of the easiest places to suffer a fall is in the workplace and certain jobs are more hazardous than others. For example, anyone who works in construction can easily slip and fall off of a high beam or even right on the cement ground, even with the proper work boots. Just because you’re working on a cement floor that may get messy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect it. If your workers are working in that area for a set amount of time, pre-coating the floor can reduce the risk of any injuries, or worse, death. Construction is already a hazardous job, but falling in an area where there’s activity can be even more dangerous to the worker who falls as well as the surrounding workers. According to Gateway Injury Law, joint dislocations and bone fractures have the 2nd highest average workers’ compensation payout rate at $60,000.

Kitchen workers in restaurants are equally vulnerable to slipping and falling on the floor. When you work with food, you’re dealing with all sorts of liquids and substances that can spill out on the floor and put your balance in danger. That’s why if you run a restaurant investing in a slip-resistant surface can prevent your kitchen workers from hurting themselves. Don’t forget the danger of how hot. Some liquids and food items are. Some kitchen workers may inadvertently suffer steam burns or burns from hot spills. According to the previous source, burn injuries are the 3rd highest workers’ compensation payout at $53,000.

A kitchen fall isn’t only detrimental to a waiter, chef, or prep cook, it also can result in you losing money by losing food. The cost of food is getting more expensive by the day. Can you imagine losing an entire well-prepared gourmet dish because one of your waiters or kitchen workers fell down while carrying it? If customers have to wait too long because the dish they’ve already waited an hour for is now on the ground, you may end up losing a customer. Losing customers results in losing business and money.

Whether you own a hotel, operate a public building or commercial kitchen, the loss of any worker, whether it’s temporary or permanent, will cost you money. Such a money loss goes beyond a workers’ compensation payout. You also have to think about the value of each individual worker. Will that person only be out for a few days? Having one worker out for a day or two won’t be so bad for production. What if one or many workers end up being out for a few weeks or months because of a really bad slip and fall injury? You may have to retrain a new person to do that previous person’s job. Training somebody new takes time and money. The hiring process is also costly, especially if you have to go through a temp agency. If your replacement isn’t as good as the worker that’s injured, you may have to replace them again, which will cost you even more money and time. You can prevent many of these incidents from occurring by having a professional slip-resistant surface.

2. Company Reputation

A slip-resistant surface can do wonders for your company’s reputation. If workers or customers keep having accidents at company locations, you’ll gain a reputation for having an unsafe environment. Workers talk amongst themselves and online. There are websites such as Glassdoor and others, in which employees can leave reviews and ratings about a company. If many workers have had to get workers’ compensation because of an unsafe environment, people will make note of that and we’ll be less likely to want to work for you. The hiring process will be harder if it takes longer to find workers who feel comfortable in your environment. You have a project that you must fill with workers. That can cause a delay if you don’t have enough people on staff, and delays will of course cost money.

Then there’s the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau, also known as the BBB, is a well-respected website that lists all certified companies and provides a letter rating ranging from A to F. If workers and other clients have outstanding complaints against your company, the BBB will list them. Having a series of complaints will result in a very low rating, such as an F. Hiring a contractor to install a slip-proof surface can prevent you from having a range of safety complaints and injuries.

Let’s not forget about customer complaints. Do you think customers will slip and slide around on your floor and not complain about hurting themselves? If a customer hurts themselves in your place of business because you didn’t have the necessary safety precautions, you’ll be liable for a lawsuit. Customers can also list complaints on websites such as Trustpilot, Reddit, or the company website’s social media page. Thanks to social media, customers can quickly get the word out about any business that’s unprofessional in terms of treatment, product, and safety. If you have spills, cracks, or anything else that can make your floor unsafe, it won’t take long for a customer to take a photo or a video and post it online for the world to see.

3. Easy to Maintain

With so many feet and shoes walking on any floor all day, you must clean it regularly. A professional floor coating will make typical floor maintenance much easier than before. Simply buying extra materials to properly clean certain flooring can cost a lot of money. It can also mean extra labor time and cost if you have to use special techniques to clean it. Luckily, resinous flooring prevents all that. Spatocote resinous flooring doesn’t have seams or pores, so it’s very easy to clean. Regardless of what type of underlining floor material you have, such as concrete or wood, all you’ll need is a broom and a mop to clean the surface of dust and typical dirt. There’s no need to buy bulky vacuums, steam cleaners, or large machinery to keep your floors sanitized and safe.

4. Upgrade the Garage

Did you know your garage flooring matters to your health and safety? That’s why you should invest in using slip-resistant flooring on any garage surface that hosts your cars, trucks, and other automobiles. When you have a standard concrete floor, it’s easy for dust particles to build up and go where they shouldn’t. However, a slip-resistant surface can prevent any dust particles from landing on your car and making it dirty. Over time, some of those dust particles may get into your car’s interior and build up and cause problems. Don’t forget, when you pull into the garage you usually go straight into the main house. Without a protective floor covering in the garage, it’s easy to track any concrete, dust, and debris in the home, which can affect your air quality.

Does anyone in your home have an existing allergy or respiratory problem? If so, breathing in concrete dust certainly won’t help. Sealing your garage floor isn’t just great for aesthetic purposes, but it can keep dust where it should be; on the floor and not in your family’s home.

Your garage isn’t just a place to store your cars. It also can add to your overall home value. If you plan to sell your home one day, having a beautifully finished floor will make it easier for home buyers to want to go further into your home to see what else you’ve done. It’s also easy to convert your garage for other purposes that you may need in the future. Maybe you want to use your garage for a home office or an additional living space. As more people get into Airbnb and VBro, you may decide to convert your garage to a living space for extra rental income. Already having a finished floor will make the process a lot easier. Even if you don’t rent out your garage for income, you could still use it as a guest room in case family and friends stay over.

5. Reduce Allergens

Once you already coat the garage, you might as well do the same with the main floors inside the house. Sealing your residential floors can go a long way in reducing allergens. If you have a carpet, you’re on a hotbed of dust, mites, pet dander, dirt, dust, and more. Regardless of how much you vacuum, carpets are not good for anyone with allergies. However, a solid surface floor with professional resin coating can greatly reduce the likelihood of allergens that can assess exacerbate respiratory problems. This can really go a long way in saving money, especially in the case of asthma. When someone has a severe asthma attack, that’s another trip to the hospital. It may also mean the person has to go on more medication. If the asthma attack is severe enough, someone may have to miss work or school, which once again can cost a family money.

6. Pet Flooring

Pets are a joy to have and really add to the family. However, like little children, they can do a lot of damage, whether they mean to or not. Whether you have dogs or cats, they often have sharp claws that can tear into furniture as well as your beautiful floors. If you’ve taken the time to install a nice hardwood floor, the last things you want to see are scratches and unsightly dents. A professional coating can protect your floor from that happening. When you don’t have a scratched-up, dented floor, it also protects other people living or visiting there, as they’re less likely to trip over a dent or crack created by your beloved pet. Speaking of visitors, if somebody ends up tripping in your home due to an unsafe floor, you too, like any business, might be liable to cover their medical costs.

7. Lasts a Long Time

With a professionally coated floor, you can say goodbye to ongoing floor maintenance. Your professional floor sealant will last you for several years. All you’ll have to do is keep it clean with a simple mop and broom. You don’t have to keep spending money on floor repairs and upgrades, so that’s one less residential or commercial fee you’ll have to worry about. You won’t have to keep spending money on floor repairs and maintenance,

8. Fast Installation

If you have planes, machines, or cars in a commercial space, you may be worried about how much time you’ll lose during the coating process. Time is money, especially when you’re dealing with aviation or the trucking industry. Plus, you want to ensure that you can keep your vehicles and machines in a safe space and not have them sitting outside for too long. Rest assured the installation is fast and complete in as little as a day. So you can get back to production immediately. Once the initial installation is complete, it’ll last years to come.

These are just some of the ways a professional floor coating can save you money. Whether you get a professional seal done at home or for your commercial business, you can save in ways that you may not have thought of before. A slip-resistance surface can prevent you from huge workers’ compensation payouts, devastating injuries, mounting medical bills, and increasing allergies. You won’t waste food on spills, and you also won’t waste time waiting for a long floor installation. If you’re ready to take your floor to the next step, call our professional floor coating contractors today for a consultation about a slip resistance surface. We can’t wait to give you the flour you can’t wait to show off and while keeping others safe.