garage floor sealing companiesDid you know that slipping on slick floors is the cause that’s attributed to 85% of worker’s compensation claims? This should alarm both employers and employees alike. No business owner likes seeing their employees injured, nor do they enjoy the mountains of paperwork and financial burdens of worker’s compensation claims. Likewise, no employee enjoys falling down due to a slippery floor. Businesses who provide storage and moving services know all too well how dangerous their floor can become if not treated properly. Thankfully, there is a solution to this nagging workplace problem.

Different Types of Concrete Floor Coatings

There’s a large variety of materials used for both residential and commercial floor coatings, and they all have their advantages. Two of the most used are Epoxy and Polyaspartic blends.

    • Epoxy is incredibly resilient to damage from overuse. It has been used for protecting floors of factories and garages across the world due to this strength. Epoxy also resists water. It takes about 4 days to cure.


  • Polyaspartic coatings are much newer to the floor coating game, but so far they’re making waves. Heat and impact resistance are top of the line, flexibility in high, and they only take about a day to cure. The main drawback is that the price can be a bit higher per square foot.

Which one is better to prevent slipping?

Surprisingly, these materials alone can actually increase slipping when wet. The trick is to find a blend of coating that has some kind of abrasion added. For a thin coating like epoxy, fine grit or even paint flakes should suffice. If you are using a thick coating, thicker abrasive compounds are needed. Generally, the bigger the abrasive, the grippier the surface. Discuss this further with your local commercial or garage floor sealing companies to see what options are offered.

Once dry, both options are extremely effective at adding traction and preventing slip and fall injuries.

What about your home garage?

After working on such a stable and slipless surface all day, you might get all the way home and slip on the puddle in your garage. Or you might just miss the grip you get from the freshly coated floor at work. Well, you could either undertake the task yourself, which generally requires help from a friend or two, or you could look into garage floor sealing companies near you.

Whether you are a cautious employer who doesn’t want your employees hurt, or the headache surrounding it, or you are someone who wants to work on a stable footing in their garage, a concrete floor coating will keep you on your feet.