flooringIf you struggle with allergies, any soft surfaces in your home or in a business can be your worst enemy. Soft surfaces tend to hoard allergens, causing people to sneeze, cough, and develop watery eyes upon entering the room. Anything from pet dander, your weekly flower delivery to bugs and pollen can be buried in the couch you’re about to sit on.

While soft surfaces are a nightmare for those with allergies, there is a different type of floor coating that actually prevents them from breaking out into a sneezing fit. Many people will often turn to the use of concrete floor coatings. Not only does it look cool in an architectural space, but it also has an array of other benefits.

Concrete is a hard, stone surface that won’t allow the growth of mold or mildew. This is essential for someone who finds themselves constantly coughing and sneezing, as the bacteria won’t be around for inhalation. Concrete is also a great option if you’re prone to spilling food or drink, as it is easy to clean. So, if you have a nut allergy, for instance, it’s super easy to have someone else clean the remnants off the floor so you won’t have to risk coming in contact with the allergen.

If you do have allergies, but also miss the soft cushion of a carpet, put some washable throw rugs over the concrete. Since the concrete is smooth and flat, the carpet will lay on top of it perfectly. Plus, if you fear that any dust has gotten into the rug, you can simply throw the rug in the wash!

You’ll also be set with any flooring coating that is placed on concrete. Polyaspartic coatings have zero to low VOC, meaning that the indoor air quality won’t be negatively impacted.

As said before, it’s clear that concrete flooring can do much more than add to your aesthetic. However, if you are looking to help your allergies while keeping up with a trendy space, concrete is available in many different shapes, textures, colors, and designs. There is certainly something out there for everyone. It’s the perfect option for the person who is looking to combat their allergies while being on trend.