Floor coating is a popular option for most floors, depending on their requirements. However, commercial buildings need this more than any other structure due to the high traffic they receive as well as heavy machinery and objects being moved around. Floor coating techniques have come a long way and the output of the current options is quite amazing. You should still do some research to ensure that the solution that you choose will be suitable for your floor based on the anticipated traffic and the costs that are associated with the installation process.

In this article, we will look at some of the benefits that you can get from coating your floor with epoxy-based systems.

Protection of the floor

Floors experience high traffic, especially in commercial setups. This causes the floor to wear off in the areas where there is plenty of movement. To prevent this from occurring, the floor coating is a great solution. By coating the floor, you ensure that the floor is protected from damage by heavy equipment being moved across the floor, which is to be expected in an industrial and commercial setup.

Attractive flooring

Commercial floor coatings from epoxy-based systems are not only strong but can also incorporate some attractive designs. This makes it an ideal option for expressing the artistic side of the business by creating impressive floors. When you want to get the most out of your concrete floor coating from epoxy-based systems, it is important to seek a contractor who is experienced in this job and has the required equipment.

Ensures a safe working environment

With a coated floor, there is the benefit that you can mark some areas as designated for certain operations. As a result, this guarantees safety since everyone is aware of where to be, especially those operating the machinery. As it offers benefits such as ease of cleaning, the coating further contributes to making the working environment clean and safe.

The floor coating is also clear and reflective, allowing it to aid in lighting by reflecting light. This saves the energy required to light the space. Further on safety, the coating can aid in preventing accidents from slips. This is important given that 85% of compensation claims from workers are a result of personal injuries resulting from slipping on floors.

Creation of designated areas

For any commercial floors, there is a need to demarcate the area for various applications. With floor coating, this can be implemented with ease and even further include instructions such as directions. With the designation of different areas, the floor becomes a safer working environment and leads to a more organized space. This is especially important for large areas that may have motorized machinery such as forklifts. Marking and designation would be a great help to achieve smoother operations.

Resistance to chemicals

In commercial environments that might experience spillage of chemicals during operations, floor coating would be an ideal choice. This is because the coat is resistant to chemicals, unlike the case of concrete or most of the other major types of floor. Floor coating is quite helpful since the risk of such chemicals is virtually there in almost any company. With such disasters averted, there is more peace of mind when workers are running their duties. Another advantage is that resistance to corrosion by the floor coating gives the floor a long life.


The use of epoxy-based floor coating is safe for the environment in that it replaces the use of other pollutants. Also, the process of manufacturing the material used for this coating is minimal.

Easy to clean

With floor coating, a seamless surface that is easy to clean is formed. This is great for a commercial floor. Also, the attention to details that is achieved from the cleaning process is quite impressive.

It is important to be conscious of the requirements of a business. How the premises are organized is one of the things that deserves proper attention. Flooring solutions that work should be a priority and floor coating using epoxy based systems can indeed work for you.