Concrete floor coating is a growing market. Not only has the industry evolved in the last few decades, but it has also become more and more popular as products show how well they hold up to wear and tear. Although there are a number of do-it-yourself products on the market today, hiring a professional concrete floor coating company will get you the best results.

It is worth addressing the difference between a specialized concrete coating company and a general contractor. As their titles suggest, a general contractor has the skills and experience to complete many different projects. However, a concrete coating company will have the best understanding and comprehensive knowledge of this specialized process.

If you are considering floor coating for a commercial space, going with a company that performs this work regularly is going to guarantee the work is done correctly. Here are a few of the key reasons you should contract a floor coating company for your space.

1. Professional Opinions

Choosing a company that specializes in coating concrete floors means that you are not only hiring skilled labor, but you are also accessing industry insiders. Because floor coating professionals work with coating mediums every day, they will know what products you need to guarantee your space will reach its full potential.

Professional Perspective

Different industries have different needs. The same goes for the space you are having coated. Depending on your needs and the square footage of your commercial space, the recommendations of your contractor may vary. There are so many different products on the market at all levels of the floor coating process. Trying to tackle this task on your own will not only be overwhelming, but the margin for error can be huge.

Unlike a retail store that is trying to make a sale on an expensive product, a concrete floor coating company is going to have the intention of providing you with a superior finished job. Professionals in the flooring industry generate new leads for themselves by performing their best and displaying superior craftsmanship.

Industry Insight

There are a number of environments that utilize coated concrete floors. They include veterinary offices, healthcare facilities, automotive garages, schools, manufacturing facilities, aviation hangars, athletic facilities, retail spaces, and even, more recently, cannabis cultivation and grow rooms. Depending on what type of area you need to have coated, there might be a number of possibilities for your project.

A concrete floor coating company with experience will be able to offer you insight on what has — and maybe even has not — worked in your field. For instance, if you are renovating a space for a new kennel operation, a contractor will be able to give you the best rundown of the materials being used and guarantee the safety of your furry clientele. Moreover, you want to make sure that the coating will hold up against a lot of human foot traffic, as well as the abrasion that comes with animal claws.

A professional coating company will be able to grant you peace of mind. They may even be able to offer you examples of wear-tested facilities in your industry.

2. Professional Tools

To put it plainly, professionals do it better. A concrete coating company has already invested in the materials necessary to perfect its craft. Their staff members have also had ample practice using said materials and tools. Instead of attempting trial and error as a novice, trust an expert to do the job well.

Floor Coating Equipment

Floor coating equipment does not come cheap. This is especially true if you only intend to do the job once. A professional company has already tried different tools and equipment and has been able to determine which ones work the best for the products and processes used by its contractors. Instead of pouring your money into expensive equipment, you do not really need, hire a professional.

Moreover, some equipment can require a team of experts in order for it to be used correctly. Save yourself the stress of trying to figure out the best way to use floor coating tools and hire a coating company to do the work for you. You will get peace of mind and a professional finish.

Many people believe that concrete coating is done with epoxy, but this is really not the best product for the job. Most wear tests show that epoxy coatings can become brittle in as few as 12 months. This means more work in the long run and it calls into question whether or not this type of coating is safe for your commercial space. In truth, most concrete contractors will utilize a polyaspartic coating, which offers better concrete adhesion and has a much longer lifespan than basic epoxy.

Make sure that, regardless of who coats your floors, you are asking appropriate questions to ensure that you can care for and properly maintain the finished product. For example, a leading product in the coating industry is SPARTICOAT brand coatings, which offer superior results. Their product range is also wide enough to fulfill the needs of both commercial and residential spaces.

Expert Finish

Similar to their skill with the requisite equipment, a concrete floor coating company has had enough experience completing work to finish their jobs with a seamless and stunning look. Just like any other skill, floor coating can be complex despite how easy it may appear. Not only is can it be challenging to get great results, but it can also be complicated to understand how the different steps contribute to the finished product and how different materials should be utilized.

An expert finish on your concrete floors is even more important if your space is going to be used for processes that involve chemicals or a large crew. If done incorrectly, a spill or too much traffic can cause imperfections in the coating’s surface. Furthermore, it is possible that, if improperly sealed, the chemical makeup of the floor coating could have an adverse effect when combined with chemicals or other liquids used in your business.

3. Floor Longevity

The best way to ensure that your concrete floors are coated properly and efficiently is to hire a company that specializes in this type of work. Not only will you get a professional opinion and a professional finish, but you are also investing in a long-term flooring solution. When completed correctly, concrete coatings can last for decades.


In the event that your floor starts to show premature wear and tear, there is a greater likelihood for an efficient solution when you have an established relationship with a professional. Even the biggest experts in concrete coatings have experienced situations where a floor does not hold up as it should. Many companies offer warranties on their work. What’s more, they may even work with products that have their own warranties, too.

Before hiring a company, make sure you understand their policies about repairs and what their warranty policy is. There is certainly no warranty when you have completed the job yourself. Having the work contracted out means that you are giving your space the best chance at holding up long-term, and guaranteeing the safest possible environment for your staff and clients.


Perhaps the most important reason to hire a concrete coating company instead of trying to do the work yourself — or even just using a contractor who does not specialize in floor coatings — is the safety of yourself, your employees, and anyone else who makes use of your newly coated space. Although there are sure to be plenty of safety measures put in place for your unique purposes, there is no substitute for structural soundness and material safety.

As we have mentioned before, there are a number of industries where the actual makeup of the flooring can have an impact on whether or not the floor is safe for your work. When you are working with animals, chemicals, or heavy machinery, there are different materials and techniques that need to be employed in order to meet the safety standards of that particular industry. A professional coating contractor should be well-versed in all of these areas and will know what they need and how to accomplish the results you require.

Safety is no joking matter. The National Floor Safety Institute reports that slips on slick floors are the cause of 85% of workers’ compensation claims. A concrete coating contractor will know the ins and outs of how to guarantee the safety and longevity of your floors. Do not take any risks when it comes to safety, especially when working on an already slick surface like finished concrete.

Not only will a professional be able to utilize the best tool, techniques, and equipment for your flooring, they will also be able to advise you on other matters. This includes flooring upkeep — such as cleaning methods, cleaning solutions, and even cleaning schedules — that is compatible with the materials used on your floor. It also means that they will be able to suggest furnishings and solutions for slippage and comfort. Think of compatible rubber mats and floor-based equipment support. Having this advice, in addition to having properly coated floors, can mean all the difference for your employees’ safety and the overall safety compliance of your facility.

Repairing or replacing flooring can be a major hassle when you have already set up equipment, established a work schedule, and have actively been in business. When you have to schedule work to be done on your floors themselves, that means that everything will need to be moved and your staff will need to stay off of the surface. Avoid having to make plans for this kind of work by making sure your concrete floors are coated correctly the first time.

Certainly, upkeep and recoating will be necessary at some point down the line, but by hiring a concrete floor coating company, you can guarantee that this accommodation will only happen when it is absolutely necessary. With a professional opinion, these regular checks and repairs are something that you can anticipate and plan for well in advance. Furthermore, specialty products and expertise can afford you greater flexibility in the way you are able to utilize your newly coated floor space.

Considering all of the benefits you get from choosing to work with a professional, it seems irresponsible and unnecessary to attempt doing concrete coating work on your own. An established company will have the best knowledge, perspective, equipment, and skill to ensure that you are satisfied and your employees are safe. There really is no other advisable option than to hire someone who you can trust.

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