Spartacote is a patented high performance polyaspartic coating system. At Collins Concrete Coatings, we choose to use Spartacote for residential, commercial, and industrial concrete coatings. Other polyaspartic coating systems, Epoxy and polyurethane, are slower and less durable than Spartacote. We install Spartacote to offer business owners and a stress-free process and a durable result.

Spartacote cures faster than other polyaspartic coating systems. Epoxy requires 5 days before traffic is allowed, which can slow down a homeowner’s life or a business owner’s schedule. Spartacote gives installers and floor owners 2 hour walk-on time, and a 24 hour full drive time.

Spartacote also resists caustic chemical spills better than epoxy and polyurethane. There is no need to worry about household and commercial chemical spills, including gasoline, motor oil, vinegar, antifreeze, and more. Spartacote can even resist SkyDrol B, a common hydraulic fluid in airplanes that leaks onto aviation hangar floors. Where other concrete coatings systems can fail, Spartacote holds up.

In independent lab tests, Spartacote equaled or outperformed epoxy and polyurethane in categories pertinent to resinous flooring.

-In Abrasion Resistance ASTM D-4060, SPARTACOTE shows triple the abrasion resistance vs. epoxy.

-In Falling Sand abrasion testing ASTM D-968, SPARTACOTE tests at triple the falling sand abrasion resistance vs. epoxy.

-In Adhesion Pull Testing ASTM D-4541, SPARTACOTE resulted in twice the adhesion to steel.

-In Tensile Strength Testing ASTM-D638, SPARTACOTE equaled epoxy.

-In Impact Direct / Reverse Testing ASTM D-2794, SPARTACOTE had a 40 to 50% reduction vs. epoxy.

-In Flexibility 1/8″ Mandrel testing ASTM D-455, SPARTACOTE resulted in a 50% greater flexibility and Chip reduction.

-In color and gloss retention (SSPC Paint Specification No. 36) in testing 48 months in South Florida heat and sunshine, SPARTACOTE experienced twice the color and gloss retention vs. epoxy coatings.

-And in 2,000 hours of accelerated color and gloss retention testing, SPARTACOTE still exhibited twice the color and gloss retention vs. epoxy coatings.

For a stress-free Spartacote installation, contact Collins Concrete Coatings. Your Spartacote concrete coating will be beautiful, long-lasting, and functional.