Everyone loves a beautiful floor in the areas where they are working, living, or shopping. However, a floor must not only be attractive, but it must also be durable, practical, easy to clean, and most of all, safe. It’s been reported by public buildings, hotels, and restaurants that the primary cause of accidents in these establishments are slip/fall incidents. Here are three types of floors to look at when considering the safety level of residential and commercial floor coatings.

1. Epoxy Quartz
An epoxy finish helps make beautiful quartz flooring less slippery. Floors with a higher quartz content, such as mica, naturally tend to be less slippery than other types of floors. But when they are wet they are still hazardous unless treated. Other types of quartz floors, such as travertine and sandstone, for instance, are also less slippery. This is interesting because these two types of quartz actually do not have an extremely high quartz content. What they do have is a very high porosity rate, which can lead to roughness. This porosity can cut down on the slipperiness of the floor. But the slipperiness will not be totally eliminated. So it is still a good idea to apply an epoxy coating which will lessen the slipperiness of quartz floors. This is particularly helpful in high traffic areas such as building entrances and exits, or parking garages.

2. Concrete
Floors that are finished with a concrete floor coating are extremely durable and strong. Plus, using a concrete floor coating adds an attractive finish to any area. Concrete floors are low maintenance and very easy to be used in areas where heated floors are being installed. When treated with an anti slip product on the concrete floor coating to prevent falls, the surface becomes safe even though it looks as smooth as glass.

3. Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tile is easy to maintain, it is durable, and it has health benefits due to its sustainability. Ceramic tiles are very easy to clean and will make a beautiful scratch, water, and stain resistant floor. Most importantly, they are available in a slip-resistant finish which is affordable and will help prevent slip/fall accidents.

As seen here, there are many flooring options if you are getting involved in a project with your floors. For clean, healthy, beautiful floors, the benefits of these three examples above provide enough information for you to make a safe and beautiful selection for your flooring.