My experience with Collins Concrete was incredibly positive. Every single individual with whom I interacted was professional, friendly, efficient and conscientious; from Buck, to Dana, to Steve and Joey and his team, they were wonderful. The finished product, my garage floor, looks magnificent and I couldn’t be happier. The work performed was strenuous, tedious and difficult; however, I have never seen a team more concerned with the quality of the work they were doing than Joey and his guys. Every little detail was done perfectly, and the end result reflected that attention to detail. The wait to fit into their schedule was well worth every single minute and the price was worth every penny. The act that probably best describes the level of quality that was present on this project was when Joey saw a teeny tiny piece of leaf that had landed on the garage threshold which he immediately very gently leaned down and removed to ensure it wouldn’t mar the beauty of the work. Thank you, Collins Concrete, for a magnificent garage floor and for sending an equally magnificent team to install it!