I had Collins Concrete Coatings come in and apply Spartacote Flex Pure to my concrete garage floor and adjoining storage room. I chose Midnight Blue as the flake covering. The garage is a large two car, and the adjoining storage room is also large. Joey and his crew of 4 arrived exactly on time yesterday morning and began unloading equipment and organizing themselves. Each person knew just what needed to be done. I watched all day as I was very interested in the process. The final product looks so good that I hate to put my car and anything else back in there. I noticed as I observed the guys working that their attention to detail was amazing. I’m very picky about work being done at the house. Joey and his crew didn’t disappoint. They were extremely conscientious and didn’t overlook even the smallest detail. I was very pleased, indeed. The job is labor intensive to be sure. It took close to 8 hours from start to finish. If you are contemplating doing this to your concrete garage floor, use no-one else but Collins Concrete Coatings. Collins has my email. I’ll let them know they can share my email if you want to contact me about my experience with the company.