It is a polymer-modified engineered, low-alkali, self-leveling cement that is blended at the street using a state-of-the-art Mobile Blending Unit that delivers a consistent, quality-controlled underlayment used to finish new concrete and capping existing slabs.

  • Unlike Portland-based products, SUPERCAP® is a superior Calcium Aluminate product that is more stable, water repellant, requires less water to mix and has very low shrinkage properties.
  • The Mobile Blending Unit mixes at the street level and pumps up to 50,000 SF per day. It eliminates the need to haul heavy bags of cement to the project floor to mix on-site, tie up jobsite elevators, or clean up palettes, bags and dust afterwards.
  • It is so fast drying with high compression rates that trades can be back at work the next day.