It is a polymer-modified engineered, low-alkali, self-leveling cement that is blended at the street using a state-of-the-art Mobile Blending Unit that delivers a consistent, quality-controlled underlayment used to finish new concrete and capping existing slabs.

  • Unlike Portland-based products, SUPERCAP® is a superior Calcium Aluminate product that is more stable, water repellant, requires less water to mix and has very low shrinkage properties.
  • The Mobile Blending Unit mixes at the street level and pumps up to 50,000 SF per day. It eliminates the need to haul heavy bags of cement to the project floor to mix on-site, tie up jobsite elevators, or clean up palettes, bags and dust afterwards.
  • It is so fast drying with high compression rates that trades can be back at work the next day.

Yes. SUPERCAP® eliminates waste and delivers time and cost savings to both capping the slab process and a halo effect on virtually all other interior trades following the slab cap. It delivers a flat floor surface that virtually eliminates the need for shimming.

Yes. SUPERCAP® is Greenguard Gold certified, contributing to LEED v4. Each project is evaluated on amount of LEED v4 contribution. In addition, SUPERCAP is pumped through the Volvo Green Diesel Clear Tech SCR System resulting in near-zero emissions. Since the concrete is mixed at the street, it produces zero silica dust contamination.

The Mobile Blending Unit can mix and pour up to the 25th floor without a stage pump, and up to the 50th floor with a stage pump.

Yes. There are no unmixed materials entering the building which eliminates issues with vertical transportation (elevators) to bring cement bags to the floors, point load and silica dust. SUPERCAP® helps meet OSHA’s increased silica dust protection requirements and is ideal when used in occupied buildings.

SUPERCAP® is guaranteed to exceed Division 3 and Division 9 flatness tolerances, virtually eliminating concrete deflection issues and change orders.

When used in combination with a correctly applied epoxy moisture barrier, the LATICRETE® SUPERCAP® System is engineered to effectively address high alkalinity and eliminate moisture mitigation problems. Collins Concrete Coatings will warranty that, providing we are responsible for all the floor prep and wear surface product and installation.

SUPERCAP® can be walked on 2 to 4 hours after pouring and all trades can be back to work within 24 hours.

All wear surfaces will look and perform better when installed over a SUPERCAP® underlayment, simply because it is dry and flat.

SUPERCAP® is the ideal choice for flat floors in any setting, including hospitals and other healthcare facilities, laboratories, education, corporate, retail, high-rise residential, and renovation, repair and remediation projects.

SUPERCAP® weight ranges from 85 (SC500-LW) to 125 (SC500) pounds per cubic foot, significantly lighter than Portland concrete which is 140 pounds per cubic foot.

When pouring early in the project (D-3), before the walls are up is best, but that is not always possible. SUPERCAP® can be poured late in the project (D-9) and applied to renovation projects as well. Regardless of the situation, our team is experienced in applying various techniques to ensure 100% reliable results.

One of the greatest benefits of SUPERCAP® is that your trades can be back to work within 24 hours – and they will be working on a flat floor, potentially saving costly labor hours because very little shimming or scribing is needed to build and install on.

Yes, we have several options to choose from. Please ask about your specific project and end-use.

No. SUPERCAP® is an interior, non-structural product.

Using SUPERCAP® with a moisture barrier offers a 15-year full systems warranty against moisture/alkalinity-related failure including underlayment and floor covering material(s) and labor replacement cost up to the original cost to owner.

There are no other options on the market that can compete with SUPERCAP®’s speed and flat finish guarantee.

Competitors use traditional, manual, bag-barrel-mix or small pump methods. They cannot compete with SUPERCAP’s speed or volume. Traditional bag application requires approximately six workers producing 800 bags per day that self-levels 10,000 sf at ½” depth. In contrast, a six-person SUPERCAP crew using the Mobile Blending Unit will pour up to 40,000 sf per day at ½” depth. Plus, SUPERCAP is computer blended for consistent mix and PSI.

No product or company on the market can apply an underlayment that finishes concrete at our speed and can guarantee the floor flatness. The direct and indirect savings – in time lost, hard costs and job site silica dust contamination and trash clean up – cannot be matched.

Allow us to estimate a project, using SUPERCAP® versus traditional methods and roll that information into your overall budget and WWP. Ask for our third party verified case study’s that document and prove our performance.

Every project is different with variables that must be considered before we can provide an accurate estimate. On average using SUPERCAP® will take 50% less time and cost 30% less. Simply ask us and we will be glad to provide you with an estimate on your specific project.