Take a minute to go step inside your garage and think about the feelings that the space inspires. If you’re lucky enough to have an insulated, fully finished garage that could easily act as a living space if need be, then you probably won’t be interested in this article. However, if you’re like most of the population who goes into your garage only to retrieve tools and store items over the winter, keep reading!

If the state of your garage — with its harsh, cold, and dirty concrete floors — fills you with disappointment, it’s time for a change. The addition of a few coats of paint can make a world of difference. It should be noted, however, that you’re not going to use the same kind of paint that covers your walls, so don’t just head out and start looking at color samples. The floor coatings we’re referring to, although they definitely come in many colors and patterns, are just that: floor coatings, designed to withstand the stress that garages experience on a yearly basis. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s look at some of the benefits of painting your garage floor with a durable floor coating.


  • It’s easier to clean. Concrete dust almost seems contagious; no matter how long it’s been since you wandered through your garage, it always seems to be clinging to your shoes and clothes. Additionally, it can make your cars and everything that is being stored within your garage dusty and dirty. Concrete floor coatings seal the concrete itself so no more dust can be produced, and create a new surface that is extremely easy to clean and manage.


  • It’s long lasting. Unprotected concrete can crack and split if water manages to find its way inside and freeze. If unattended long enough, whole chunks can start separating from the floor, leaving debris and dust all over your garage. When concrete coatings seal the surface of concrete, they not only prevent water from penetrating, they physically make the floor more durable. The better the coating adheres, the higher PSI the floor can handle.

Of course, if you do a lot of work in your garage, you may want to opt for a polyaspartic floor coating — they can be installed and cured within just one day and won’t negatively impact air quality. Regardless of your choice, your garage will be looking much better!