One of the most common hazards that any employee can face is a slip and fall accident. In fact, slips account for 85% of all workers’ compensation claims that are filed every year. And what’s worse, the majority of these slips are a result of slick floors.

Most manufacturing or industrial spaces will have some form of concrete flooring, and these floors can often be slippery when cleaned. Some cleaning chemicals can actually damage your floor or make it slicker than your average bucket of soap and water. Fortunately, a solution to this problem could lie in specialized commercial floor coatings.

Commercial floor coatings have a variety of benefits, one of which being that they are incredibly customizable in their textures. You can have a variety that not only protects the floor from chemicals but also adds traction, thereby helping prevent employee slip and fall accidents.

This can dramatically help reduce the amount of workers compensation claims that come from slip-related incidents at your place of work.

And there are other benefits to having concrete floor coatings for your place of work or your garage, which include:

Quick And Safe Installation
This benefit applies more to a polyaspartic coating than an epoxy one, but for facilities that can’t be shut down long like hospitals and pharmacies, this is a large benefit. You can have the floor coated and cured in a very short time (sometimes in as little as a day) and experience little to no disturbance to your daily routine.

Highly Resistant
The primary reason that businesses reach out to contact garage floor sealing companies or similar contracts is because of the resistant nature of their coatings. If your garage floor sees a lot of chemicals, abrasions, or other forms of damages and wear, the concrete can be worn down and suffer structural issues. Concrete floor coatings help handle that by applying a layer of protection against these things, often for years at a time. This will help your employees as well as any machinery you may have move safely across the floor. 

Commercial floor coatings are a must for concrete that will see an abundance of chemicals, abrasion, or similar wear. Prevent potential damage to your floor or to your employees with these essential coatings.