floor coatingWhether you own a business or treat your garage like a separate home, you know the importance of a good floor coating. Both environments see a lot of wear and tear: as a result, safety and durability are the most essential factors when choosing a protective concrete sealant. You need a floor coating that can keep up with your needs while safeguarding your workers and visitors (not to mention yourself) from legal issues: approximately 85% of worker’s compensation claims come from employees slipping on slick floors. In polyaspartic floor coatings, however, you’ll find a partner that can handle whatever you throw at it without falling apart or becoming a hazard. Let’s take a look at the three most popular uses for this powerful product.

  • Garage Floors: Durability is essential when your work (or play) out of your garage. When you’re working with strong and corrosive chemicals and materials all day long, some of it is going to get on the floor. Without a polyaspartic coating, your concrete floor would be in pieces in no time. The strength and power of these coatings protects against stains, water, and can be applied in just a few hours.
  • Restaurant Kitchen Floors: Friday night in a restaurant kitchen is hectic to say the least. People are bumping into each other trying to get meals to their customers as fast as possible, and messes are inevitable. This environment is inherently more dangerous too, since cooks and waitresses are paying more attention to the food and less attention to where they’re walking. With a polyaspartic coating, Friday night will fly by, worry-free.
  • Commercial Businesses: Lobbies are necessary for large businesses and corporations. Potential customers, clients, and employees need a place to wait and relax before their appointments or scheduled shifts; in such a professional environment, you need more than just a non-slip surface — you need a non-slip surface that looks as beautiful as the business itself. Besure to remove any paint or old coatings. Since polyaspartic coatings offer durability, safety, and come in a wide variety of colors and designs, they’re the perfect choice for your office lobby.

Coating your concrete floor protects your investment — and your business — from any serious harm. Polyaspartic coatings offer a wealth of benefits compared to other forms of commercial floor coatings, all while maintaining a shine that is as durable as it is beautiful.