As a kennel owner, you want what’s best for your pets and your budget. When you want to create a successful kennel, there are a few key tools no owner should live without. 

Here are three of the most important components to running a kennel successfully. 

1. Get the proper floor

Dogs, cats, birds, you name it: all animals can damage the floor, especially when you run a kennel. To ensure your dogs stay safe and healthy, try opting for a good concrete floor with commercial floor coating.

A floor coating is designed to help maintain new flooring and fix old floors. They can help prevent stains, scratches, abrasions, and even dents if done by a reliable company. Some types of floor coating, including polyaspartic coatings, can even be installed and cured within one day. 

For dog owners and kennel owners, you need a coating that will repel moisture and reduce mold growth for your pets. Spartacote Flex Pure Clinical Plus works to do all that and then some; it’s customizable and offers a non-slip surface for your pets and employees. When you’re looking for the best commercial floor coatings Northern Virginia has your answer: Collins Concrete Coating

2. Get a fence

Dogs need room to run and play, even if they have a great kennel floor. By choosing a strong fence, you’re able to let your dogs off the leash and get out some of that pent-up energy. Your clients will enjoy your dogs’ free range while you get some time to focus on dogs that need a little extra love and care. 

3. Get the experience

You might love dogs, but your kennel won’t get off the ground if you don’t have the experience necessary to raise and board dogs. You need to know how to take care of a wide range of breeds and keep in mind that animals behave differently depending on breed, location, and level of anxiety. Start small and build your way up to working as a kennel owner. There’s no harm in being a dog walker before a dog runner. 

While becoming a successful kennel owner doesn’t happen overnight, some of the best commercial floor coatings Northern Virginia offers do. When slip and fall accidents can result in over 31 days of missed work, using an anti-slip floor coating is the best way to protect yourself and your employees in your new kennel business.