Working in a garage comes with a number of different hazards, many of which are easy to overlook. Whether you’re a car mechanic in an industrial setting or an at-home hobbyist, watch out for these three hidden dangers that can arise when you work in your garage.

Falling objects

In order to save space, it’s common for garage workers to hang most of their tools along the walls of the building. Whether the objects are hung by hooks, magnetic strips, or shelves, one false placement could result in a nasty accident down the line. It isn’t uncommon for garage workers to suffer from a broken foot or a nasty concussion when a particularly heavy object falls.

When you’re working in the garage, be sure to store your items properly and with extra care. Otherwise, you might land in the hospital as a result.

Low lighting

Low lighting is perhaps one of the most hazardous aspects of working in a garage. After all, garages are often cramped spaces that store a variety of goods. This promotes plenty of dark corners and shadows that make navigating your garage difficult. Even if you store your tools properly and keep your floor clean, any number of hazards can occur if you’re working in insufficient lighting.

Professional lighting installations should be utilized, especially over stairs. If your garage can’t undergo another rewiring, consider installing lamps and under-cabinet lighting for easy tool identification.

Storing liquids improperly

Liquids are probably the most overlooked hazard while working in a garage. Slips and falls account for over 30% of injuries in the United States and nearly 85% of workers compensation claims are a result of a slip and fall accident. This is even more common in a garage setting where improper storage can occur and hard-to-clean liquids aren’t properly cared for.

When working in a garage, ensure your safety by installing the proper commercial floor coatings. Garage floor sealing companies work hard to ensure that hazardous liquids don’t get in the way of your work. Rely on the best commercial floor coatings Northern VA has to offer by contacting Collins Concrete Coatings today.