When you hear polyaspartic floor coating, you often think of all the benefits it can provide to your garage flooring. But countless industries utilize concrete floors and nearly 22% of all slip and fall accidents result in over a month of missed work.

Here are some industries and businesses that can greatly benefit from the skill of a concrete floor coating company.


Federal law states that restaurant kitchens and other industrial food processing locations need to have seamless flooring. This not only assures that the harsh conditions and foot traffic don’t damage the floor, but it guarantees that bacteria and mold don’t grow between the cracks. These types of contaminants can put your employees at risk.

These sanitation guidelines are necessary, but some kitchens fail to implement the best commercial floor coatings for the job. A polyaspartic floor coating helps resist bad smells that linger in your kitchen, resists wear and tear associated with high foot traffic, and can handle temperature fluctuations you may witness in a kitchen.


Just like with restaurants, seamless flooring is essential in stopping the growth of potentially harmful mold and bacteria. In order to ensure the quality of their pills, medicines, and supplies, pharmaceutical companies need to maintain a healthy working environment. Should excess bacteria get into the medication for an ill client, it puts their practice at risk.

Avoid this problem with acid-resistant and temperature resistant polyaspartic commercial floor coatings. They’ll look great and help you to maintain a healthier work environment for all.

Auto garages

That’s right: your favorite home garage floor coating can be used in larger capacities as well. Polyaspartic coating is applicable to a variety of surfaces, environmental conditions, and locations. This means a non-porous floor coating will stop oils and chemicals from messing up your garage. You can even put commercial concrete floor coatings in direct sunlight. The coating is also resistant to temperature changes, making it perfect for all seasons.

Don’t hesitate to install commercial floor coatings in your place of business. Whether you’re handling a high volume of foot traffic or you want to create a healthier environment for your employees, Collins Concrete Coating assures the job is done right the first time. Contact us today when you want to learn more about commercial floor coatings.